I wish to FULLY SUPPORT the planning application of Jetty Lane CIC.
I remember that at the request of the then Urban District Council, who had at the time made available a site for the much-needed youth centre on what was known as Recreation Meadow, a search was begun as far back as 1949 for a building. These were post – war days when no new buildings were readily available.
A feasibility study and search was initially made across the County of Suffolk to find a suitable building. Many locations: Army camps, Airfields and other Ministry establishments were assessed to find a building that could be suitable and this eventually happened when a building was located at Elmswell. The building was dismantled and moved to the Avenue Site (Recreation Meadow). This building then became the Woodbridge Youth Club.
Then, in 1965/66 the Education Authority who were responsible for the Woodbridge Youth Club had a policy of building purpose-built premises. It is therefore with great disappointment that only early last year this purpose-built premise was demolished leaving a number of organisations without a location to carry on their much-needed work within the community.
The Woodbridge Youth Club over the years achieved many worthwhile, long lasting contributions to the town of Woodbridge: The Deben Players, The Company of Four, and The Riverside Musical Theatre Company. Even the stage at The Riverside Theatre was funded and built originally by Woodbridge Youth Club members.
The overall design of Jetty Lane is looking to engage with the area. It is a building that will enhance one of the major attractions of Woodbridge, the River Deben. This new building with its jetty picks up the river theme and scope. The internal layout of the building is needed to provide for the many different groups, with their different needs within their individual domains.
The building also offers the use of much-needed Office space. This then returns the rented funds back to the building for long term maintenance and upkeep.
We must and we need to put back this much-required building to allow the many organisations to thrive. It will be in a good location for all to enjoy and benefit from, no matter what your age or culture, or business use.
Woodbridge has greatly developed since the original Youth Club building was erected in 1949. We have a greater number of residents living in our beautiful much-visited town. We need this building to add to the facilities that all can use and enjoy.
So, come on Woodbridge! Get behind the Jetty Lane Project! Let us lead the way in this great opportunity to achieve a lasting legacy to all! 
This fundamentally delivers a project that Woodbridge can be proud of. 
The Planning Officers and the Elected Representatives of the Council have a responsibility to give full support to this much-needed project.