The Company of Four is a community theatre group that has been based in Woodbridge since it started, from the Woodbridge Youth Club Drama group over 40 years ago. From the start we always held rehearsals at the youth club building which was the previous building on the site where the Jetty Lane project will be built.
Since losing this valuable facility, the Company of Four have found it very difficult to find a permanent rehearsal home in Woodbridge. The Jetty Lane project is an opportunity to replace a resource that was lost, that had many groups benefit from it. The new resource will be used by so many Woodbridge based charities and community groups, not just the Company of Four but other groups that also engage with Woodbridge youth as well as the wider community.
Historically it can be said that reaching out to and providing premises and support to community and youth groups, has been a challenge.  The previous premises, on the site, was widely used by local charitable groups within the Woodbridge area.  The loss of this facility has been problematic for not only The Company of Four theatre group, but other organisations too.
We now find that sourcing rehearsal space and social functions for the group have become increasingly difficult.  We have managed to utilise some facilities but some of them are in Ipswich.  As we are a Woodbridge based charity we would love to support The Jetty Lane project as a new and much needed community resource.
We very much look forward to supporting the project, working with you and hopefully benefiting from the facilities offered in the future.