On Saturday just gone, Jetty Lane was the beneficiary of a fundraising concert organised by Woodbridge Rotary Club. A 6 piece band, Phoenix Jazz, played an eclectic mix of jazz, soul and latin numbers to an appreciative audience, at least one of whom was moved to take to the dance floor.

Our new Director, Amy Mallett, made her public debut by giving a short speech to explain what Jetty Lane is all about, we were able to answer a number of questions and we gave out several Jetty Lane brochures to those interested. We understand that the concert made a profit and it was a good evening all round!

We are most grateful to Woodbridge Rotary for organising this concert on our behalf. Fundraising events are a brilliant way to increase awareness of our project. As well as raising much-needed funds in themselves, we often find that we subsequently receive sizable donations from individuals who have attended them and have had an opportunity to find out more by talking to us.

This year we have benefited enormously from fundraising events. The Riverside Musical Theatre Company, Michael Warden, The Friends of St Mary’s Church, The Great Get-Together, Deben Yacht Club and Woodbridge Regatta as well as Woodbridge Rotary Club have all raised money for Jetty Lane. The events themselves have all been great fun and have also enabled us to reach many many more people than we would be able to on our own.

If you, or an organisation you belong to, would consider holding a fundraising event for Jetty Lane in 2019 we would love to hear from you. The need to hold events and spread the word will not diminish as time goes on!

Please contact me, Cordelia Richman, at cordelia@jettylane.com to discuss your ideas.