Having spent 20 years working in financial services, I am delighted to be able to use my skills and experience to support the Jetty Lane project.  With a background in music, the initial attraction to Jetty Lane was its Arts element, however the more I found out about it, the more captivated I was by the obvious desire and enthusiasm of the founders to create a lasting legacy for the whole community of Woodbridge, one that spans demographics and interests.

Much of my career has been spent in regulation and compliance and I have overseen numerous regulatory change projects over the years. It is my hope that I can use my experience navigating regulatory requirements and dealing with regulatory bodies for the benefit of Jetty Lane. Especially as it embarks on another phase in its journey – applying for charitable status.

In addition, as a Partner and board member for a London-based investment house, I hope to offer a business perspective that will help to ensure that Jetty Lane is self-sustaining for the long term, to the benefit of generations of local people.

Being a former resident of Woodbridge was another attraction to the project. The demise of the old youth centre left many clubs orphaned, so the prospect of building a new centre that has the needs of its various stakeholders intrinsic within its design, is an amazing opportunity.  The location is ideal due to its easy accessibility and would no doubt be developed for housing or commercial gain if not secured for this project.  The chance to use the Jetty Lane site for a higher purpose – the wellbeing of a community – is one that I am hugely excited to be a part of.