Creating a LANDMARK and LEGACY for future generations

Jetty Lane’s mission is to provide a landmark centre for young people, burgeoning artists, and the wider community that will benefit both current and future generations of Woodbridge. 125 years is a long time!

The centre will be modern, vibrant, time-proofed, inclusive – and welcoming to everyone, whatever their age, health or background.

On the strength of Jetty Lane’s Business Plan and the architect’s preliminary drawings we presented in December 2017, Suffolk County Council offered us an astonishing 125 year lease at peppercorn rent. This means that Jetty Lane – the youth & arts centre – can be built in Woodbridge with longterm security.

Jetty Lane is to be constructed on the site of the previous Woodbridge Youth Centre at IP12 4BA, a site which has had a Youth Centre on it since 1949. With the 125 lease, and its long history, this means TWO CENTURIES of positive impact on the youth of this town, and their future selves as they age.  We are proud to be creating such a legacy.

Since negotiated the lease, Jetty Lane has become a CiC; started fundraising; applied for, and gained Planning Permission (a lengthy process that took up 8 months) and received its first big grant: £188,000 CIL money from East Suffolk Council.

We are now in the process of getting the funds together with a start date for beginning building work at the end of 2020. Please help us!


These are drawings to give a sense of what the building COULD look like. We are still at an early stage and much can change but we hope that this artwork gives a sense of the kind of thing we have in mind. With grateful thanks to Mark Julian and Scott Mortimer for the design.

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When Woodbridge’s old youth centre building was declared no longer fit for purpose and set for demolition in early 2017, it lost housing for a huge range of groups of significant youth and community value. Although best known for the excellent Just42 youth work, the centre was also used by many other groups. Gateway Disabled Club used the building for 30 years, as did a second youth club; it was rehearsal space for Company of 4; there were classes for Pilates,  various languages, tai chi, country dancing, baby massage and more. The centre also housed hot-desking for Suffolk County Council’s Children and Young People Services, while providing a safe meeting place for young people with family problems or issues with school.


Location – Jetty Lane is the original name of  the small road that was rechristened The Avenue in the 1940s. (As  Jetty Lane, it was painted by famous Woodbridge artist Thomas Churchyard in the early 19th century.) The site – IP12 4BA – is unique in our small and crowded town because it provides direct access to Kingston Fields and so can be used by young people needing outside space.

It fits in with other local provision for young people: the extremely popular skate-park is nearby, as are the tennis courts,  swimming pool, Kingston Field playground, football pitches, outdoor gym, Deben Water Sports centre – and indeed the River Deben, with disabled access to the riverside. Both the Pavilion Cafe and the Tea Hut are minutes away. Although there is ample public car parking nearby, the site is within easy walking distance of buses, trains and central Woodbridge.


Just42 has relocated to temporary cabins onsite and other users found temporary accommodation elsewhere. There is nowhere in Woodbridge that has been able to provide the facilities required for the organisations made homeless when the centre was pulled down.

Since we started plans for a new building, further needs have been identified. Scouts, singers and  a drama school were all looking for housing, while many young Suffolk artists are struggling to find the space they desperately need (for studio, workshop and exhibition space). The revived and expanding New Horizons lunch club also need a suitable location for the events they regularly run to support the elderly population of Woodbridge and the surrounding area.

There are also an increasing number of self-employed people and small businesses looking to rent office space in an inspiring and interactive atmosphere. This is an essential part of the Jetty Lane planning. It is set up so that it cannot make a profit, but it needs to be able to ‘wash its own face,’ so that it remains a benefit, not a drain on the community it will serve.

On top of this, the population of Woodbridge is increasing: Suffolk County Council predicts hundreds of housing units will be built over the next 5 years within Woodbridge and district. As a result of this there is growing pressure on space and services. Jetty Lane will provide much-needed facilities for a range of needs and wants in our community.

The purpose of Jetty Lane will be to provide sought-after community facilities to a very disparate group of people whose only common interest is Jetty Lane. Out of the misfortune of losing the youth centre came the good fortune of being able to bring these various groups together so that they will be able co-exist in a way that would not otherwise have been possible. That we can bring them together has made our vision robust, real and fit for purpose.


Jetty Lane was set up in the summer of 2017 by the following 5 local people:

Caroline Page


‘As the County Councillor for Woodbridge I am passionate about the Jetty Lane project, not only because it will ensure sorely needed facilities for young people and the arts but because it will provide a legacy to support our youth and for future generations in Woodbridge to enjoy.’

Cordelia Richman

Executive Director

‘As a relative newcomer to Woodbridge and as someone with a background in chairing a successful Citizens Advice Bureau, I realised that there is a distinct lack of community facilities in this beautiful town. I welcome the opportunity to be involved in creating a landmark for future generations and consider it a privilege to be part of Jetty Lane CIC.’

Adam Thorpe

Non-Executive Director

‘Having been involved with 1st Woodbridge Scout Group for most of my life I know the importance of making sure there are enough suitable facilities in the town for young people. I believe Jetty Lane is an excellent opportunity for everyone to come together and I am very proud to be part of the project.’ In February 2018 Adam won ‘Suffolk Young Volunteer of the Year’ at the High Sheriff Awards.

Alice-Andrea Ewing

Non-Executive Director

‘I am a practising artist and grew up in Woodbridge. I want to protect and maintain affordable studios because they have such a positive impact on a practitioner’s production and the development of their work.’ Alice has recently resigned as a Director in order to take up an opportunity in Australia.

Caroline Rutherford

Non-Executive Director

‘I am a delighted to be director of Jetty Lane representing Just42.  Just42 needs a new base for the charity to operate from so that we can continue the valuable work we’re doing – we currently work with about 2000 children and young people each year. It is exciting to be part of this project, to work collaboratively with others in the community to leave a lasting impact on not only children and young people but also the wider community of Woodbridge.’

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